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Our Mission:


The Hive Summit is a conference built for all educators and offers opportunities to learn, grow, and connect. Come join the thousands of other educators who became part of the Hive last year by signing up.

This year’s virtual summit features 9 speakers sessions, both written notes & sketchnotes for each session, as well as other ways to connect. The summit is starting August 1st and runs through the 14th. For the first nine days, you will recieve an email with the session for that day. All sessions, once opened, will remain open till the 15 of August when they close.

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1st - 14th

While we have some time till this gets started, make sure you reserve your spot.






Our Impact

In June of 2018, Michael Matera decided to host a conference in August. He wanted this conference to be and feel different than the other conferences out there. First off, thanks to the thousands of you who signed up the conference was a success. However, together we made a bigger impact than you might have thought. Like the other conferences, we had top quality educators making our nine presentations. But Hive Summit did more than just gather and learn, we changed the world through our KIVA fund.

Hive Summit last year we raised thousands of dollars to help people around the world. This year, we hope that total grows even higher.

Last year we had over ten thousand people signed up for the conference. This year our goal is to hopefully more than double that number. With all those Bees learning and sharing we are bound to make the world a better place together. Consider donating below.



Sectors Helped

11 of 15 sectors helped on KIVA platform. Our top donations went to agricultural, clothing, and education.




Our Kiva fund helps people near and far. We worked hard to help people on every continent. From USA to Uganda, and Uruguay we have helped people get an education, build a business, rebuild a school. Thank you for your support.



Everyone donated

With so many bees buzzing around the hive we can quickly make an impact. While the conference is free, it is my hope that together the Hive Summit could have a huge impact on our world. Teachers helping change the world! Can it get better than this? Let’s make a difference together!