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I hope you all enjoyed the first sweet drop from the Hive. If this is your first drop of sweetness from the Hive Summit, welcome. If you are returning for more great ideas I am sure this drop wont disappoint you.

Just like last time, this drop will only stay active for a limited time. Make sure you find time to watch the videos and look at the resources available. As always, I would love it if you shared the Hive Summit. Have them signup at to their password to the latest drops.

The code and page EXPIRE IN:

From Hive Summit


Cannonball in is the perfect way to start just about anything. So it seems perfect for the first Hive Honey Drop. Tara Martin’s session can help us all get started. Have a watch and share your thoughts at #HiveSummit.

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From Michael Matera

Host of the Hive Summit


For those of you who don’t subscribe to the channel, here is a recent video on five minute engagement strategies you can use in your classroom. In the comments, some people shared out some ideas they have for engagement in their classrooms as well. I would love to have some #HiveSummit bees buzz over and watch the strategies I offered and share their thoughts below in the comments.

As always, I would be honored to have you part of my channel. Consider subscribing, and if your a bold bee posting a comment.

Once again, I thought I would share a #HiveSummit exclusive with you all. Below is a link to a five minute engagement strategy that wasn’t shown in the video. I have used in my classroom and I hope you get a chance to use it in yours.

Click the link and make a copy for yourself.


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